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Drinking the blood of the bloodthirsty

by Nesut, 1626 days ago

Yes, indeed when most of our core raiders are present we have shown before that we can take down most things.


So Thok the bloodthirsty has been killed and now it is time to put out the spark in the Siegecrafters fuse :)


We are still looking for a tank (Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior) that is available at least 2 if not 3 times a week and a healer (would prefer a Paladin or Monk).

Should you not be one of those spec's/classes do not despair! We will be trying to go Mythic in the WoD expansion so we will be recruiting with that in mind in the near future. Who knows, you may get a raidspot before that if your gear and skills allow it so please read our guild rules and make an application if your interested.

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Progress getting eaten.

by Nesut, 1649 days ago

Yes, we have now been stranded on Heroic Thok for several weeks, not counting the holiday's.

Some of the reasons, after the first two weeks of learning and good attempts, that we are still on Thok was primarily lack of gear, low sign ups and raid setup.

So the gear of the core raiders and their alts should be fixed by now, so all we need is the full number of core raiders online or getting some new raiding members (that might need gear, but what can you do!) :)


We are currently looking for a tank (Death Knight, Paladin, Warrior) that is available at least 2 if not 3 times a week and a healer (would prefer a Paladin or Monk).

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And we are now 6/13 HC Throne

by Nesut, 1786 days ago

Yes, we decided to try Counsil and Tortos on HC mode and we got them down.

Tortos needed the most working on since there are more random stuff that can go wrong, like me not dodging a snapping bite when I have 82.47% dodge or the bats catching up on a healer before they get aggroed by the tank.

All in all a nice evening.

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And the official kill on Lei Shen :)

by Tussengas, 1879 days ago

Altough WoW Progress was allready counting the run that 4 of the officers + Jedi did with 5 friends from Digital Knights, it now has become official. We've cleared ToT this lockout and also did Jin'rock on Heroic.

It's time to get prepared for HC Horridon/Tortos and Ji'kun. Expectations are high for the upcomming week! 2 HC bosses away from being best Allience guild of the server :D

Btw, Welcome to our 4 new Guildmembers: Banklok, Sylo, Toinette and Jinray

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That escalated quickly! Three bosses in one night

by Tussengas, 1893 days ago

After a night of practicing on Durumu, we were all convinced we would be able to down him today. Accompanied by Banklok we started a bit late on the raid but after a short silly wipe we killed Durumu without much problems.

On to Primordius which seemed to be as easy as on LFR, get your stacks, pew pew the boss, keep people alive, 2-shotted and share loot.

Altough we had seen horrible events in LFR about Dark Animus, after quite a long explenation of Banklok (oh and several wipes on the trash), it was basicly a matter of excecution and it was being 3-shotted.

We've done some tries on Iron Qon and well we got an idea how to deal with his first phase, but it will take a bit more preparation and practice to take him down.
So yeah, so far we haven't had much troubles since we killed the Council. Perhaps we will see Lei Shen even before 5.3 hits.

Thanks everyone for your contributions, it's nice to see we have a focussed and motivated group able to make progress.

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