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re: Guild guidelines

First of all, I would like to remind you that you are a member of a community and you should behave as such, meaning that you are not a solo player and you can disappoint other people (not just the officers )if you behave disrespectful towards others people outside the guild or inside. And you can also disappoint us and other members if you show up unprepared and are not doing your best each raid. Of course there are bad and good days, but you should do your best each time.

Unless the person has proven to be very skilled, we don’t accept people with multible blue items (ilvl 458 or below) as Hatchlings in order to set a gear standard. And even then all gear should be correctly gemmed, enchanted and reforged to show that you understand your class and spec and to show some commitment. We ofc. also expect you to know what food and flask is the best for you.

[underline]Come prepared.[/underline]
Have your main-spec gear enchanted, gemmed, reforged and repaired.
Have a valid pve-spec and glyph’s.
Have an updated gearlist.*
Have read the tactics AND seen a video of the bossfights so you at least know the phases.
Have Teamspeak installed and a mic so you can answer/warn people in raid.

Raid selction
Raid invites start at 19:15 and those that are online and have signed as accepted will have the greatest chance of getting picked. We will strive to get a viable and variable raidsetup that will also take into account what gear you need and what boss we are at. So stay online if you need some gear on a later boss since there might be someone that don’t need anything from there.

Loot counsil
1. MS before OS
2. Wyverns and above before trials, all on the same level.
3. BiS item according to your own posted list.
4. Activity
5. Current gear setup (able to get 4/5 tier, level of the upgrade etc. etc.)
6. Off specs (At the counsel disgression)

Rolloff if the needers are equal.

Outside of raid and raidtime
Gear: We highly recommend you to make sure that your gear is of the highest possible quality and a way to improve this is to maximizing your valor point gain each week to buy the most resent gear or upgrade it. Also get in line on the webpage for the crafted gear.
A plus would be if you have a offspec with gear that are up to date, ie gemmed, reforged and enchanted.

At present you may pug Terrace of Endless Spring.
Also if the guild have killed any bosses in Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of fear this reset you may pug those bosses too.

Bank tap 1 and 2 has materials and patterns to level up professions free of charge for all members and their alts.
Wyverns and up have free acces to the enchanting mats, gems, food and Herbs as long as we have them in stock, so if you have some materials lying around, put them in the guildbank to help out others.

Guildrepair is activated for Wyvern and up but should only be used by those in the raid at raidtime.

BoE epix’s and Blood spirits in the bank are for wyverns and up. Look at the webpage to see what patterns we have in the guild and sign up for your craftable items. Contact an officer for the items in the bank.

Calendar invites
Accepted means: You can come to raid that day on time or if there is a chance that you will be late, notify an officer.
Tentative means: You are not sure if you can come to the raid or you know that you will be late.
Declined means: That you can’t come. (“If you don’t feel like raiding” don’t be online)
We do not look kindly at people that leave their invite status at “invited”, so if you are unable to respond over a short or long period or if you can’t come to raid for a week or more make a post in the absent section on the webpage.

* Meaning that YOU are responsible for giving us a gearlist with boss/drop. ( a more extencive list is in the makings)

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